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Fashion a true statement of admiration. Where self identification meets one true self. A boy raised by a benevolent, diligent, and unbelievably chivalrous human being of a father, born in a small town situated 81 miles outside of good ol'e Lubbock Texas. Where Buddy Holly is what they hold on to for world status; a plane crash - gone too soon. A mother on the other hand who will stand up for what she whole heartedly believes in no matter what conflict may arise in such acclimated circumstances. Where faith is at the forefront and anticipation is left to be discovered. Me; well I was just a shy self preservated kid that wanted to change the world, but was claustrophobicly stuck in a shell that wouldn't bend. At 6 I didn't know what lied outside those vigilant and barricading walls that my parents so daringly provided. But what I did know; was that there was a ruthless and shameless world out there, where consequence was a balance of opportunity cost and taking risk. I was emotionally damaged for reasons only my subconscious mind could apprehend. Things were about to change though. Writing discovered me at a young age. The therapeutic beauty of a freeing mind in a fluid state with no contraction. Emotionally unstable but yet so divine. I can recollect the first time I wrote freely as a kid. At the time there was no iPhone, iPod, or MP3 player; it was just the radio. The only time I really got the opportunity to listen to what we call music that is. Dirt roads, a pickup truck, and a girl left behind. Those are the things in particular that I perceived. I was 6; of course it couldn't have been that good, but hey! It was the start to something I classify as my true self identification. Im 26 now, and music has changed my life to a point I didn't know existed. This not only led me into a world of fashion, but it opened my perspective on life in general. No judgement, no what if, no desperation. Just a wardrobe and ones imagination. You have your Louis Vuitton, an innovative brand started by luxury hand goods. You have your Versace, a brand predicated on loyalty and family. Now you have Gomi Levé, not far fetched, not too far behind, but always within reach. A dream, an admiration, a fantasy. 

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